We’re everywhere on Earth. Now we’re aiming for the final frontier.

We’ve teamed up with members of the SETI Institute and others to explore the possibilities of commerce beyond our small blue dot.

PayPal Galactic: A Bold New Initiative

With our fifteen years of experience in global online payments, PayPal has a unique perspective to speak to the possibilities of an interplanetary economy. And the job is bigger than any one organization. That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of PayPal Galactic, a visionary partnership with the SETI Institute and others in the scientific community. Creating a secure and functional space commerce system won’t be easy, but with the support of the scientific community and the public, we know we can meet these challenges.

The Future of Commerce is Here

Join the millions of people who already have PayPal accounts and are sending and receiving payments across our planet.

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Help the SETI Institute by donating to one of the many programs they’re currently working on, including the challenge of space commerce.

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